Multiple deform armatures on same mesh


I noticed PlayCanvas does not rly support having multiple deform armatures on the same mesh (aka. blending the effect of the different armatures). It seems that it chooses the first armature to be the working one, and the second just doesn’t manage to deform the mesh at all.

This might seem oddly specific, but I just bumped into a case where this would be rly useful, so if it is not too difficult to add support for this it would be great.

I made a new project illustrating this here.
It has 4 different variations of an icosphere that is bound to 2 different deform armatures. This works very well in Blender, where the effect of the 2 different armatures are blended. However in PlayCanvas only the effect of one of the armatures are playing. I tried 4 different set-ups but could not get any to work.

The intended result (from Blender) would be something like this:

@Elliott @mvaligursky - Any ideas on this one?

@Astra You may want to add an engine feature request for this and see how many other users would be keen to have this feature too.

We support multiple morph targets on a mesh, so if you can export your file into fbx or glb format with morph targets, that would work.

Engine only example is here, and it’s a single mesh with 10 morph targets on it, being applied at the same time: PlayCanvas Examples

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yess thats rly useful!

but unfortunatey in our speciffic case we would need multiple armatures :confused:

I’ll make a request and lets see.
The request can be found here