I can’t get multiplayer running, I don’t exactly understand what to do in glitch it doesnt really say much

@Nicholas_Taylor1 Was there a tutorial you were working with or could you share your project so it can be looked at?

Take a look at my game here.All In One by Grantrocks

This was made using the following tutorial

I would recommend using sockets as it’s easier to use and understand

I tried using the tutorial and I can’t really understand what I do in glitch.

ok, PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

@Nicholas_Taylor1 The project you provided a link to is just a bare bones starter project. In the tutorial below.

Real Time Multiplayer | Learn PlayCanvas

Go ahead and open the tutorial project in your editor and then fork the project. It’s a good example but maybe there are some things that you may be confused about. When doing a multiplayer game there are actually two components that are important. The first is obviously the game itself which must be multiplayer enabled(Example is). Secondly the most important is the server in the cloud. The server in the cloud manages messaging between instances of your launched game. In this tutorial they are using glitch to run the server side code.

The publisher has provided the full server side code here for you to take a look at.

Is there a step in the tutorial that you are having problems understanding? If so point it out so someone can respond.