Multiplayer Object Syncing With Socket

I already made a post before asking for help with this, but I didn’t get a response I could use with socket or school wifi. I want to make it so if a player pushes a dynamic object it gets pushed for all clients. Currently it is client-side and only pushes for that player, and the others see it in the same place they left it. How can I accomplish this?

Use these for a reference:

PlayCanvas Project: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine
Glitch Server: Glitch :・゚✧


using my knowledge from scratch and other scripting languages, make a variable that published to the cloud with the location of the box and updates every half second. everytime it updates that box goes to that position on the other players screens, not just yours

One problem with that. The way that socket receives the requests is every frame, which lets say one player doesn’t push the box but one does. It gets both coordinates (from the two players) and struggles to use them and swaps between the two too much.