Multiplayer help please

Hi I’m making a multiplayer mode for my game I have the server done but I need a way to give each player their own camera if someone knows how to do this please help
sincerely William Boersma

I’ve got that worked out but if I switch scenes it boots the other Player. If anyone can help I’m all ears.

William Boersma

I wanna see your game and check out the problem.

I know how to do this, i have an fps script that does it, i dont know if its the script, or the player, you attach the camera to the active player, not “other” then it should work, if not i can give you the fps script.

srry, wrong tag lol

Hi @WilliamBoersma31,

Have you checked the following example?

yeah I’ve figured it out thanks though

also @Leonidas while I have your attention do you know how to turn on and off scripts from a separate script?

this.entity.script.anotherScriptName.enabled = false;
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I need help with making this game but i don’t have any coding experiences but i know how to make modules