Multiplayer: Different Cameras

I am creating a multiplayer game and need to assign a different camera for each new player. The camera is created with the new player entity but I am not sure how to assign it to them.

Is this a split screen game or will each player be on their own computer?

Each player will be on their own device.

I tried enabling only their respective camera on a new player creation [note: this.cameras holds a ref to all player cameras]:

Network.prototype.createPlayerEntity = function(data) {
    var _this = this;
    var newPlayer = this.other.clone();
    newPlayer.enabled = true;

    var newPlayerCamera = null;
    for ( var camera in this.cameras ){
        this.cameras[camera].enabled = false;
    newPlayerCamera = newPlayerCamera.filter(function(child){
        if( === 'Camera')  {            
            child.enabled = true;
            return child;

    if (data){
        newPlayer.rigidbody.teleport (data.x, data.y, data.z);
    return newPlayer;


but it is in turn changing all players cameras.

I was hoping to get some insight from this project that I am seeing as a reference for multi-viewport rendering: but it looks like the ui script is private or disabled?

If they have their own device, then you only need one camera. There’s no reason for each client to have all the other players camera too.

So I need to just move the position of the main camera depending on the client?

Pretty much