Multiplayer bowling physic

Hello. In my multiplayer game, players take turns bowling. The player sees the opponent’s throw on their screen. How to implement this feature? If by default the playing field is drawn the same for all players, will it be enough to pass the ball’s strength vector to the socket and both players will have the same thing on the screen?

Assuming you’re using Ammo, in most cases sending the starting world state and the bowling ball’s strength vector will result in very similar outcomes across multiple clients.

However, some clients may have low frame rates or very inconsistent frame rates and as a result, the simulation will play out differently. You could try sending the world state at regular intervals, like every ~500ms, that way desyncs will be corrected before they become too noticable.


Well, if you are using Ammo, you are pretty much guaranteed you will have a different outcome on different clients. The physics world is stepped in fixed time steps (kind of), so the frame rates don’t matter in this case. Its just that Ammo is a non-deterministic.