Multi-User Reality WIP

Hello–we’re currently building a multi-user reality. Currently we’ve compiled portions of other areas and began working the code together into something we enjoy.

Been using Synty assets for our base, and adding on additional low-poly animals as needed. We’re having difficulties with migrating between 3rd and First person, our camera doesn’t appear to turn when we clamp the angles which is proving difficult for the first person view.

Our Intelligent Agents have some rudimentary code from another’s project but don’t appear to work if assigned to non-human model.

Our terrain generation worked from the heightmap tutorial, but when attempting to add spheres (eventually trees and other flora) it doesn’t apply any entities as child.

We’re just using the multiplayer tutorial until our auth servers are with our own node.js so that is utilizing;

Feel free to come inside and poke around, if you see something glaringly wrong it would be immensely helpful if you suggested any fixes.

Here is our project: