Multi touch causing screen minimization on iphone

We need to pinch out to maximize the screen. Please refer to this video.

Hey, have you tried using event.preventDefaults() for the touch events? It prevents the default events attached to that particular touch event.

@saif Yes I am using it.

Hmm, I can’t reproduce the issue on our published builds here: eg

Looks like it be related to the page/site you have uploaded it on :thinking:

Game is working well on android devices. This issue is there for iPhone and iPad. I have uploaded the build on

Then it is likely to be an issue with how it’s been setup/hosted on iOS and Android have extra ‘gestures’ in the browser to do things like this and usually a setup is needed in the meta data of the HTML or having to handle inputs in a particular way

Sharing the game on here would help others narrow down the issue.

Link of a prototype build.
Double tap to start the movement.


This link might help. Please have a look.

I can’t repro this issue in an iPhone 13 Pro Max iOS 15.5

It worked after we locked screen scrolling on our ios device. Thankyou for your time. Sorry to bother you guys.

What do you mean by ‘locked screen scrolling’? Could be useful for others that may hit this issue in the future

Settings > Touch ID & Passcode

Scroll down, and you’ll find a list of features that could be enabled or disabled until you unlock your phone.

Interesting, I don’t have any option to do with scrolling on my phone :thinking: