Movement is broken

Please help with this my program is broken i can’t go up the stairs without glitching and i randomly phase through the walls and ground. I used the First person shooter starter kit :frowning: please help
(i’m new to playcanvas too)

Hi @the_road_is_blocked and welcome,

Have you changed anything in the project? Maybe try forking the project again, and go step by step to the things you did until you find where its glitches.

If you change the model/models, make sure to add collision and rigidbody components so physics work.

@Leonidas yes actually, i made the player into a bean and i changed the scene to a single log cube

@Leonidas i also didn’t edit the code

I’d say most likely you are missing a proper scene setup, with colliders and rigidbody components on your new models.

Go through this tutorial to learn how to do that:

i did all of the sadly :frowning:
here i’ill send you the link
also i’m trying to add shooter physics

sorry if i’m doing anything wrong . .|l

i also put something there so you can see it