Movement FPS Template

So far the features are:

Sprinting (Defaulted to Shift)

Grappling Hook (Defaulted to 2)

Dashing (defaulted to E)

Doors/Hinges (in debug 2, there is a template folder with door and such)

A working gun with simple animations (Defaulted to 1, reloading defaulted to R)

Holding Boxes with physics (Defaulted to Q, Must have tag “Pickable”)

Countdown timer

Count up timer

Easily customizable ammo boxes (there is a template folder with door and such)


Just comment under this and I may or may not respond, just remember that I also have a life. (You’ll probably have better luck on the actual playcanvas website.)

Other Stuff

If you are going to use this please credit me :slight_smile:


I have added sliding and crouching
Press C without sprinting to crouch
Press C while sprinting to slide