Move the camera along with the character

How do I when I move my character both to the right and to the left the camera follows the 2D scenery

Hi @EFF_ECT and welcome,

The most straightforward way to do that is add your camera as a child to your character entity.

It will automatically follow your player’s movement.

I did it, but she didn’t do what she was supposed to do …

to move press A to the left and D to the right

Seems to be working here:

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my caracter already move as i intend and the camera is OK, but the scenario glitches when the caracter move along it.
i did as you said and put the camera as a “child” but now the scenario is the main problem.
can you help me?

Can you describe or show a gif/video of the glitches that you mean please?

what are you talking about here “Sorry, new users cannot upload attachments.”

Oh, that’s annoying. I’ve changed the setting so you should be able to add one now.

If not, can you describe the glitch in words please?

walk around the scene, you will notice that the camera will start to change the angle and the character will give some bugs. it’s like the camera doesn’t stabilize


Are you using physics to move the character? If you are using a dynamic body you may have to increase linear/angular damping to avoid “resting” forces being applied to the body.



Is the gltich you are talking about when the character is moving behind the building?


you can see that in the bottom corner the camera changes its position and the crooked scenery begins to appear, so this is the problem