Move player along with FPS Camera for multiplayer

I want to create a multiplayer FPS game, currently here’s what i’ve done so far

i got the model, room, and player joined. But i still can’t make the player character move/rotate following the camera. How to do this? thank you

@naonvl To have the movement work correctly you will have to drag Player into the slot that currently has LDR I think.

no it’s not, that slot i made so that i can copy the camera position and rotation, but still not working

@naonvl OK I see you don’t use playerModel in your script. Another thing I had noticed is that your other player also has the first person movement script. So when the other player gets instantiated your local players controls will also move it. I realize this is a third person example but you should compare what they do here:

The Other player is just a representation of the other players in your game connection. If you look at the Other player in this example you will see it does not have a movement script.

Yeah i’ll remove the script, but it’s a FPS not TPS. I want to show player character to other user but not visible for current user, how to do this exactly?

what i want to build is similar to this, they display a webcam video as player character

@naonvl I understand that you want FPS.

The networking method is the same as the example however you just replace this with your FPS scripts and characters. Here is a FPS version in this forum post. This networking host is a little different but uses all of the same methods. You will not have to do the server side code.

Look to the bottom of this post to find the example project.

thanks i’ll check