Mouse wheel in editor

I’m on Windows 7 using a Naga Hex Razer mouse. When in the editor trying to zoom/dolly the camera, the mouse wheel has very little effect on the amount of change to the camera when in perspective view (orthographic views are fine). I have to go through dozens of revolutions of the mouse wheel to get anywhere. Is there any other way to zoom/dolly the camera? Maybe holding shift while rolling the mouse wheel could double the amount of movement or something?

If you press f to center the camera on different objects you may be able to manipulate the camera more easily.

Since I’m procrastinating the pewdiepie AND the playhack jams I figured out how to do what you requested.

Using chrome press f12 to open the dev console then go to

Scroll down to line 180 and change it so it looks like this:
DesignerCamera.prototype.dolly = function (distance) {
//double zoom if shift is pressed
var zoomrate = 2.5;

        zoomrate = 10;
    // Dolly along the Z axis of the camera's local transform
    var factor = distance * zoomrate;

Then also go to 259 and change it so it looks like this:

DesignerCamera.prototype.onMouseWheel = function (event) {

    } else {
    switch ( {
        case pc.scene.Projection.ORTHOGRAPHIC:
            var delta = event.wheel * 10;
        case pc.scene.Projection.PERSPECTIVE:

Then press control s and you’re off!

If I can cook up a userscript for you in the next 10 min I will but it’s a bit tricky.

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Thanks for pointing out the relevant code! Very helpful.

I got addicted to making this, so here you go :slight_smile:

Updated the script. Added exclude rules so the script doesn’t run in play mode (was getting errors).