Mouse events sometimes just stops until releasing the mouse button

I have a strange mouse input problem.
I have this very simple mouse handler:

constructor(app, width, height) {
        app.mouse.on('mousedown', this.mouseDown.bind(this));
        app.mouse.on('mousemove', this.mouseMove.bind(this));
        app.mouse.on('mouseup', this.mouseUp.bind(this));

    mouseDown(event) {
        console.log(`Mouse down`);

    mouseMove(event) {
        console.log(`Mouse move`);

    mouseUp(event) {
        console.log(`Mouse up`);

So I basically only print the mouse actions.

The problem is that sometimes a mouseDown is genered with a only a few mouseMoves and then the input stops (while keeping mouse down and moving the mouse).
After releasing the mouse button, mouseMove events are generated again. But no mouseUp event in that case.
It only happens once per 10 or 20 clicks or so.

Any idea what could be wrong?

I just found out that a lot of mouseout events are generated for the window.
I added:

window.addEventListener('mouseout', this.mouseOut.bind(this), false);

to check that.
In the middle of mouse moves (while staying with the mouse within the canvas) a lot of mouseout events are generated! Even if no mouse button pressed.

Is this a bug?

Hi @simmania!

I think this is related to the information below.

PlayCanvas input events are almost direct from the browser input events. So if you are getting mouseout events like that, it’s more like to be an issue with the browser than the engine.