Motigate (COD Zombies Remake)

Hellooo, i’m here today to present a new side project i will be working on. i’ve recently played, and realized that it was a playcanvas created game (how tf?) im very impressed that this person could create such a good feeling shooter game in Playcanvas. so i’m going to try my best to make a Cod zombies remake, eventually i will try and make a multiplayer First Person Shooter to rival (once i figure out how the fuck he made gunplay in this engine)
PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

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Day 1 Testing

Day 2: Shooting

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Day 5, Testing Arms, more enemy’s, and Aim down sights


great progress!

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Thanks! i’m trying to get a basis down so i can work on a map and more features :slight_smile:

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Day 15, Fully Automatic weapons have been added, Our arsenal now consists of a, Tech 9, M4A1, HK-416, AK-12, AR-15, And an unnamed LMG, There is also a new recoil system that’s more relevant to the weapons and better accustomed to the new full auto firing, bug testing is still happening and an update should be posted for testing later today, Here’s a couple of sneak peaks
All gun images are in order of previous statement:

All attachments that are present on these weapons will eventually be available to all weapons due to a future attachment system I am planning, i’m working on the screen controls and enabling for both ADS and Non ads, also the positioning is uniquely difficult, i expect the attachments to be finished before the end of the year. most will be visual until i can add functionalities, anyways here’s some gameplay if you’re interested… (4)