Morph key help

Hi everyone. is there a way to make the morph keys work in the latest engine update?

thank you in advance

I cannot access your project, but as long as the issue is similar as the issues linked here:

We should be rolling out the fix shortly.

In the meantime, please switch to the previous engine version (in Editor->Settings->Editor)

it’s in public mode: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

the error only occurs in the latest engine, this works fine at 1.54 before

I can confirm the console errors are gone when running against the engine with the mentioned fix.

Do you mean we just need to add DefaultAnimBinder.js in the project?

you need to build a custom version of the engine with the fix, and use the custom engine. That’s slightly more involved, not something I’d suggest unless using the previous engine does not work for you temporarily.

Okay, is there an estimated time for the new engine to be fixed? thank you

also, how can I create a custom engine version in Playcanvas? thanks

this should be fixed now

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For future reference, you can use a custom version of PlayCanvas with the Editor via one the methods on this page: Using a Custom Engine | Learn PlayCanvas