More than one video texture?

So I’ve already got a video texture simulating live TV in my bowling alley environment, but I wanted to add a video instructional element to the gameplay UI. It seems that I can have either one or the other, is that correct? Only one video texture per level?

Hi @gnormanlippert,

So, in your blankLand scene I can see both videos playing fine:

If you mean add a video to a UI element, you can do so by adding the video material to your UI image element component. Check this thread on that:

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Sorry I wasn’t more clear-- blankland is just a testing environment (I was able to get both the iFrame screens playing-- not video textures, exactly, but webpages). In the Kingpin Lanes 4 environment, I have a video texture playing on the screen over the counter, but I want to add another video texture to the gameplay instruction UI. When I add the second video texture, it seems to interrupt the video texture on the tv screen. So I just wanted to check if there is some limitation to only one video texture per level.

There is no limitation. You are able to add as many videos and video textures as the browser and computer can handle.

You will need to ensure that there is an unique event for each video you intend to play though:

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Got it. Thanks Yaustar-- that’s exactly the info I need. I will have this implemented this evening. I playtested the gameplay mechanic with some fresh eyes and people weren’t instinctively understanding it (or reading the instructions). A video illustration will do the trick, I think.

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