More round ( more detail ) of Sphere

I add Sphere in my scene, but it’s not completely rounded ! how can increase more detail of Sphere ?


You should either import your own custom sphere as an external model, or procedurally create a mesh in code. Check this post on the subject, it does it for a box, but similarly you can do it for a sphere:

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Thanks, this is works !
import custom sphere from external model or create a mesh in code, which one is better ?
Which one is better in size and resource (CPU,GPU) usage ?

let sphereEntity = new pc.Entity(); = 'SphereName';

var sphere = pc.createSphere(, {
    latitudeBands: 500,
    longitudeBands: 500,
    radius: 1

const material = new pc.StandardMaterial();

const meshInstance = new pc.MeshInstance(sphere, material);

sphereEntity.addComponent('render', {
    meshInstances: [meshInstance],

// Add the sphere entity to the scene;

If you generate it procedurally, then you don’t need to download a model, so one less http call, I suppose. CPU/GPU side would be same.


I thought if it was created with code, it would take more resources for the gpu to do it and it might run slow on mobile.

So I was wrong