Modular FPS system

I need to know how to make a shooting system, raycast or projectile, modular, because now whatever happens is the same for all guns, I need it to be where I can modify things, like speed, accuracy, fire rate, ammo count, and damage

There is already a somewhat decent FPS tutorial series on PlayCanvas:

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The first YouTube video of the tutorial serie is in the post above. It won’t get any easier @Gavin_Durbin.

For me I don’t see a link

Link to tutorial serie

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The tutorial doesn’t show how to code tho, they just have pre-made code

Do you know where I can get the knowledge on how to make my own on playcanvas

Knowledge has to be built up. You cannot immediately realize everything you want to see in the end result. You will have to start with the knowledge you have and build up your knowledge and project slowly.

You can start with a tutorial project and try to understand how the code works and then modify the project to your liking, or you can start with an empty project and expand it little by little with the knowledge you have and try to expand this with the help of the forum.