Model Viewer Starter Kit - Camera Code

Hey folks!

So i’ve been using the Viewer Starter Kit template for my project, and I wanted to ask how do I make the camera zoom in a little bit more so that my focus project is more in shot.

This is the start of the launch and because I have the balls above the centre, I think the camera is tracking those aswell.

I had a look at the camera code but unfortunately I can’t make much sense of it, How can i change the zoom in the initialize part of the code so that it is more zoomed in when I launch?

Many thanks,
Richard Curtis

We have a new version of the Model Viewer Starter Kit incoming very soon which should be a lot easier to understand and configure. I update this thread when it is released :slight_smile:

(You right, the existing kit is configured to frame all entities in the scene including the balls in yours).

We have now made the Model Viewer Start Kit public (can be seen here: or when you create a new project).

Key features that you would be interested in is that you can now set specific entities to orbit the camera around and set the starting distance between the orbit point and camera (if Frame on Start is unticked).

You can also set the pivot point to a specific location in the world via code really easily :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any issues.