Model viewer on cloud server, sharelink url function error

Hey everyone,

so i installed the model viewer git hub files on my own cloud server, after some time figuring it out i made it work. Now i can access my own model viewer with my IP adress (should use my domain, trying to figure out the issue) when i insert a gltf model file and create a share link, than try to open the link on a different device for example my Phone i get this error:

would be nice if someone knows a solution, is the issue in my server setup or somewhere else
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I think you’re hitting this issue:

We need to disable sharing if you’re previewing a local file, and only enable sharing when viewing file that is hosted somewhere.

As you cannot share the glb file from your computer, it needs to be accessible on the web.

So is there a way to make it work to host my local files over my cloud server, i would like to create share links for projects?
Or is this function right now not usable in that matter.
Thanks :slight_smile:

sure, you can host your files on your server and than it works
for example: