Model Showing Differently In Maya and PlayCanvas

Hello everyone,

We are trying to use a model built in Maya in our PlayCanvas project. The model is showing up differently in PlayCanvas as opposed to the Maya render.

This is how it looks in Maya -

This is how it looks in PlayCanvas -

As is evident from the images, the textures are not showing up as intended. How do we resolve this?

Hi @DevilZ,

Yes indeed, though most likely the materials require some manual tweaking.

Are there textures images missing or the material settings aren’t set correctly?

Also I can see reflections from a cubemap/skybox, have you imported and set that to your scene?

What material settings do you refer to? I am not the artist of this model (will ask the artist to respond here if possible).

Would we require the same cubemap to be able to see the correct textures?

I’d start checking the diffuse and specular (metallic and shininess) channels, if the settings match the ones in Maya.

And also if any required textures are correctly referenced in the PlayCanvas materials. If not, you will have to upload and set them in place.

For shininess I am not sure if Maya uses that or roughness. In any case it’s the same just inverted.

So if you have 75 roughness in Maya, that translates approximately to 25 shininess in PlayCanvas for PBR lighting.

To see the same reflections, which seem to be all over the place in the Maya version hence the nice looks, you should definitely setup the same cubemap.


Thanks for the pointers @Leonidas. We will discuss internally and revert soon.

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We were able to apply the cubemap to the model to some extent. Still waiting on the results with the final cubemap, but it seems to be working much better now! Thanks @Leonidas!

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