Model loading ReadyPlayerMe / Avatars on Third Person Controller Demo

Hey, I got a little help from @yaustar before on this on my stream but what I’m trying to do is use the Third Person Controller code that I have from the demo along with the Avatars from ReadyPlayerMe. Both are using GLBs and Animations from Mixamo. Any ideas? In the project you’ll see my original working “PlayerOriginal” entity. I have a duplicate called “PlayerTest” that I was trying to get the Avatar/DefaultAvatarPC.glb to work on. Thoughts? Thanks! Project here: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Hi @CodyPChristian,

Just to be sure, have you looked at this example project?

It’s basically the third person controller example with ready player me customized characters and animations made by @Saad_Haider.

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Hey @Leonidas, yes that’s where I got the original readyplayerme setup from however it used the old legacy model component and anims and not the new state graph or bone system. Thanks.