Model importing take too much time to display in viewport

hello all,
i have an issue regarding uploading an fbx file, when i import fbx file , after drag model in view port, model take an hour to display in viewport, but in debug(launch) modeling is viewing.
what to do? why importing model taking so much time to display in viewport.

here is the my project link.

Project is private so we can’t look at it.

now its public thanks for letting me know!

It takes a while because the file is huge (100MB!) so the delay you are seeing is due to the download time.

Yeah, as @yaustar says, that model is huuuuuuuuuuge:


1M vertices and 1.8M triangles!

It looks like you obtained this model from CGTrader? Typically, a model like this would be used for doing renders (i.e. not for realtime rendering!).

We use a similar model for our BMW i8 app:

But we assigned a 3D artist to poly reduce the model to something a lot more sensible - a little over 100K triangles if I remember right.

Another suggestion for you is to see if all the data in that model is required. For example, do you need the second UV set?

hey sorry for creating dupicate thread basically i was not aware where to see my create blog, so thats y i created again.
what do you mean by second UV set?