Model editor needed

I need a modeller to seperate or remove some sections of certain models for me please.

Hi @Gavin_Durbin! What kind of model is it? Can you show an image and tell us which part you want to remove?

ok, will do

Like this, you take off the turret (into three pieces, the barrels, turret, and stand)
and then take off the tires. Then export them all as separate models so I can code them together to work like a car.

Do you want to use these parts on different places, or do you just want to disable and enable these parts? In the last case you can also make these parts invisible by script.

I want to use them in different places, for example, for the turret gun, i would make parts that can be programmed to move together like a turret, but that requires multiple pieces.

If you have the model in your project and you give me write acces so I can download and upload, I will see what I can do when I have some time. Should the new pivot of the parts be the centre of the car or the centre of the part?

The part, because the turret will be pivoting

Ill add you to the project, if you tell me what your account is.

It’s the same as my name here.

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If you don’t add me to the project, I can’t help you.

sorry, I was thinking of the wrong person and it didnt work lol

Can you code?

Your model has no ‘turret’ and I don’t know what you mean with ‘stand’.

srry, I switched models last second, but I do need the wheels and steering wheels detached

So you need a steering wheel model, a wheel model and the car model without a steering wheel and wheels? The barrels can also be seperated.

nevermind about the steering wheel, but yes, wheels and car seperate

Maybe if possible make a crashed version too?

I have separated the car and wheels for you. (Your model file is very large. This can have negative consequences for your project).

Sorry, I can’t modeling.


Im making a tank game, and after I add the models could you separate the turret part?

Yes, if the model is suitable for that and your game is to the point where you need it, I want to do that for you.

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