Model Animation Stuck when using trigger

One of my old project start giving me issue.
Anim state graph trigger animation stuck and remain in that stuck posture even when character is moving…

I checked 1.68.2, 1.69.1 1.69.2 all of them giving this issue…

Sometimes it gave me this type of warning…

Anim Binder: Multiple animation curves with the path Armature/graph/localRotation are present in the Root/rootEntity/playGround/playerEntity/male1CharNew graph which may result in the incorrect binding of animations

Sharing some state graph images:
hit Left and hit Right have issue

Hit left Trigger Transition entry

Hit left Trigger Transition exit

Sample Project

Any one know what could be the issue?

Hmm, potentially some bug to do with playback speed and exit time.

To get it working ‘right’, I had to increase the exit time value on the transition back to idle to 3 as the speed of the state was 4

I don’t know what the expected behaviour should be here on the engine side.

@mvaligursky , any ideas on this?

No idea unfortunately. I agree with this: potentially some bug

This seems to be an issue in similar area: If a node in an Animation State Graph has a speed other than 1 the Exit Time condition of transitions from that node behaves incorrectly · Issue #5939 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

We used version 1.55.4 last and it was working great at that time…