Mobile rendering very slow

I just started a simple usecase with PC.

A blank project with a simple box.

Why did it render so slowly on my iPad simulator : 4 FPS ?


Sounds like a problem with the iPad simulator. Try running it on an actual iPad. We easily get 60 fps on much more complex 3d applications on worse devices.

On my iPhone i am on iOS 8.4 and got an error : window.Performance not available, so impossible for me to test on a real device.
The screenshot is with an iPad simulator & iOS 9.
I will benchmark others 3D engines…

We’ll have a look at the error - I’m not sure about the simulator perhaps that’s not working right. Which iPhone do you have?

It is an iPhone 5C with iOS 8.4

Apple has disabled the Navigation Timing API (or window.performance) in iOS 8.1 due to performance reasons. So we can fix the error you get there but realistically you should probably also upgrade your iOS version.