Mobile Optimization Help Needed

Hello everyone!
I am trying to develop a game like color bump 3D.
The main problem I am facing is the lag issue on mobile devices,

I have done every recommended optimization which was mentioned on the playcanvas
The main issue I am facing is with the physics engine, when my ball hits too many objects, the frames drop. I do destroy the objects when they go out of the camera but at collision point I am still facing lag issue.

Please suggest me more optimization techniques for mobile devices, Thank you.

Controls: Pan left or right on touch devices
Press left or right key to move the ball on PC.



Not much you can really do here as your game is heavily reliant on lots of physics objects.

Options include:

  • modding the PlayCanvas engine to run the physics on a web worker thread to see if that helps
  • switch to 2D physics with 3D graphics
  • using less shapes
  • trying a different physics library to see if it’s faster

Regarding the 1st and 4th point you mentioned, Is their any example project which
has some information/example/demo regarding web workers or a project using a different physics library?

  1. Requires editing the engine code. AFAIK, one user has tried this but I don’t know if they released it
  1. Small example with omio. Not deemed to be the ‘correct’ way to do it.

I don’t know if it would help a lot but since your game is all about physics, you can’t really go around it, so i would suggest looking at the rest of your code base and see if you can optimize other parts of your code. Just to make sure that everything else is as performant as possible. might be a lot of work for minimal result though. but if you are stuck and waiting for the forum to respond, i think it would be a good option to look into while waiting.