Mobile game only working in desktop view

hi. my game banana paintball has just gotten mobile controls. however, when you go to the page (Banana Paintball by yalikejazz1337) or the playcanvas page it doesnt work. however, if you change to desktop view while on mobile, it works. anyone know some workarounds? like tricking playcanvas to think its on pc? please help. BTW the problem is when you click the play button.
Banana Paintball - PLAYCANVAS(playcanvas build)
PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Hi @almish_subuk!

It seems that your menu button is not working?

Maybe you can try to use the click event.

// for element component
this.entity.element.once('click', function() {'Some Scene Name');
}, this);
// for button component
this.entity.button.once('click', function() {'Some Scene Name');
}, this);

This should work on mobile and desktop.

it says “cannot read properties of undefined (reading element)”
or “cannot read properties of undefined (reading button)”

Where are you trying to use it? I assumed you are using the script on the button entity with the element component? Apart from that, the code should be placed in the initialize function.

What do you mean by ‘doesn’t work’?