Mobile Development Friendliness

Playcanvas is great, but it seems to me that its main weakness is that it’s not very friendly to those of us who want to use it for developing on mobile. There are a bunch of things that I really think should be accessible easily (rather than the ‘roll your own’ solution which seems to come up a lot). For example:

-One click Cordova/apk exports
-In App Purchases
-Device Info

Are there any plans (or has anyone developed addons) that we can use to easily implement these native functions into our games?
Without these it seems Playcanvas is destined to just remain only for non profit making web pages (configurators, pretty demos etc) and seems to exclude those of us who want to make some actual profit from developing apps.


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Not in the immediate future unfortunately. The above list is going to be heavily based on the mobile app wrapper techstack (eg Cordova). We are thinking about how it would be possible to create a build once, deploy everywhere but it’s a long way off.

What is more likely to happen sooner is for some documentation to be written that goes through some of that process.

If mobile is your target platform then honestly you would be better off using a native engine if only for performance reasons at this stage.

To extend on this, a lot of our users are generally making said configurators as an agency or to help sell a particular product (e.g cars, engaging advertising), build brand or web/instant games such as Facebook Instant, WeChat, Miniclip, where they either use the portal’s advertising network or their own.

Eg Mojiworks are making games for Snapchat using PlayCanvas engine:

Web Monetization may start to change this in the future too.