Mixing 2 animations on the same model


is there a way to mix 2 animations on the same model? For exemple :

  • one animation on the character and one animation for his lipsync
  • one animation for the upper body and one for the legs
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This is a commonly asked Q which is never really answered.

AFAIK, playing multiple animations on the same model at the same time is not support natively by the engine.

You can try the Blend! library by @whydoidoit which I think does add support for this? https://blog.ixion.digital/blended-animations-for-playcanvas/

actually playcanvas does support playing multiple animations.

You have to create a skeleton, with the bones you want to mask off - find your bones through node graph.

lets say this skeleton is just the upper body.

Then grab the animation clip you want to affect the top half.
grab only the nodes in the animation that affect the top half

create a new animation clip and apply this to the skeleton in update.


Base skeleton plays the animation as normally(you dont have to create this skeleton), and any animations you want to add on top you can mask off this way and play.

Tried using Blend! but this was not the animation system i expected, and there is a big bug that does not allow separate animation clips to play. at the very least on my project and rig

I’m 3 years later on this question.

Is this supported now by the engine? I need to play 2 animations at the same time on my model.

With the new state graph Anim system and layers, yes. The anim component is in beta at the moment. If you want to be added to it, post your PlayCanvas user name.

Warning: It is a bit of an overhaul on Animation setup.


It is very encouraging to know that several modules are always evolving to adapt to different needs. :slight_smile:

The Editor part is looking pretty slick too: https://youtu.be/1R1k9H0iTrI?t=1141


Excuse me, I would also like to know how to mix animations for example of walking and attacking at the same time, my username is editionman

The animation state graph is still WIP, we are hoping to get it out to beta users soon!



is it possible to get early access to this?

My PlayCanvas Username is: _1703X


I’ve added you to early access and also the beta feedback forum section.

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