Missing Textures when Uploading 3D Model

I uploaded the following model (FBX): https://free3d.com/3d-model/ufo-297202.html
to PlayCanvas, and it seems to have lost all the textures. When opening the same model in Blender and checking the “Shading” tab at the top, I can see all the textures in the right places there.

Above is my Project where I uploaded the FBX model.

Does anyone know why the textures are missing/lost, and how to fix this?

Hey, you will have to upload the textures separately besides fbx model.

Actually, one can simply embed the textures inside the FBX file.

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@RPaladin To my knowledge, you can only do that when the textures are solid colors. Also the textures seem to be there when I open the Shading viewport in Blender, I just don’t know why when I export it they’re not there.
If this embedding is possible for the model posted about, how would you do that?

@saif For certain models, they come with a textures folder but this one didn’t for some odd reason.
Even with the textures folder, the materials weren’t there. In the sense that the materials are white grey and black, not coloured. Is there an easier way to upload textured models, instead of manually placing each material.

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Hi, sorry for the long inactivity.

In my post below, I show how to embed textures into a 3D format that allows image embedding such as the FBX format in Blender:


Please note that, “solid colors,” which I assume you mean, Vertex Colors in this context; instead of Object Color or Material Color, image textures can be exported if the Blender exporter supports it (PNG, JPG, DDS, etc). Additionally, note that you also need to properly setup your 3D model’s Material Nodes to correctly point towards your used textures.

OK. After looking at the linked blend I was able to conclude, fix, and implement the model.

PlayCanvas Screenshot

With bloom.

PlayCanvas Demo


Blend Download

Forum doesn’t allow direct file uploads for non-images so I uploaded the blend on Github.


In my first and second post above, I had assumed the linked blend asset used images textures. However, after taking a look at the file I discovered it was using raw Material: Diffuse Colors. This process was easily remedied by baking the Diffuse Colors to an image texture. I also used a duplicate of the original spaceship model with the difference of using only a singular material that is set to use only the baked texture as its color source.


Thank you for such a detailed response. I understood most of it, but because I’m not as experienced with Blender I’ll have to do a bit of research. I will try it soon and get back to you if any further queries.

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