Missing Glb in Playcanvas Build - Access Denied

Hi, from the PlayCanvas editor my game runs fine, but when I publish to PLaycanvas one of my assets is missing.

I see the error: GET https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/apps.playcanvas.com/155380bd/files/assets/127167587/1/Shoe.glb?t=4b6524db547d54f963b3ccf8d8b146b0 403 (Forbidden)

Access Denied

Why forbidden if the build was made to be hosted on the Playcanvas servers?

No part of the shoe.glb is set to be excluded from the build.

Any ideas? Thanks

Hmm, we would need to look at the project to investigate.

If you can try copying the asset to a new public/private project (Assets | Learn PlayCanvas), see if that reproduces the issue and DM/post it to us to take a look?

Hi, in the end we just deleted and re-imported the shoe.glb and everything works.

My guess that perhaps there was an error uploading the first time (was there a red circle for the icon ?) or some issue with the filename

Yes, there was a red circle icon but the model seem to be fine on the local version. It only affected the built/published version.

The launch tab is more tolerant of issues I think. Hard to tell without seeing it myself :thinking: