Missing Files Error

My project is working when i export it to my local server, but do not why i am getting missing resource file error.
The error is not coming when i launch online in playcanvas website. But when i export as a zip file and play on my local server following error comes

Hi @HongKong_Simfusion,

Most likely that’s an issue with your local server, for some reason it can’t serve those files. Can you isolate their type? It may be a starting point to troubleshoot (e.g. glb).

Try using a different local server setup and see if that fixes it.

Hi @Leonidas,
First i was running the project on XAMP server, but now i had tried running MAMP server, and still getting same error
I do not why, same project gives no error when published on Playcanvas website. Could there be some issue when playcanvas is exporting the project in zip. Because even when i export the playcanvas example project (link below) it gives same error


Below is the link to my project on playcanvas

I don’t think so, I forked the touch-joypad example you linked, exported a zip and used VS Code and the Live Server addon to run a local server. The example works as expected:

Maybe you have some extension in your browser that creates this issue?


Leonidas, I had tried with MAMP, XAMPP, VS code Live server.
I had also tried on Microsoft edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google chrome. But still I am getting same error for any project even if it is example project of play canvas like touch-joypad example.

Can you please try to export my project from Play canvas website, as a zip file and run on your computer. To check if it is server issue or may be some program level issue.

link to my project: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

I really appreciate you helping me.

Its actually a bug. I tried your project and reproduced it. The issue is in the underscore character in those file names. I will create a ticket. Workaround - rename your files to remove underscore.

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Nice find @LeXXik ! Although curious why the touch start example didn’t work for him either.

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Could be the underscore is non-english or something. Actaully, looks like it only happens to GLB files. Might be something there.

Oh, wait, it is not underscore. You are using a special character | in your filename:

KayKit Animated Character|Walk.glb

Don’t use it. I will still report it.


thanks a lot @LeXXik and @Leonidas for helping me out. I was stuck on this problem for last 5 days, and finally the issue is resolved. It is the problem of special character in name of any file.