- Multiplayer FPS Battle Royale


Hi there!

MiniRoyale is another game with battle royale mode. It’s FPS and multiplayer.

We’ve just released the game. Please let me know if you have any thoughts, ideas or any issue.
We’ll be updating game constantly with new skins, mechanics and maps.

Tech stack :

  • NodeJS + for multiplayer backend
  • PHP, Redis, MySQL for database and other services
  • PlayCanvas for game

Assets are from Unity Asset store. The game has been published on
Play Now :



This was made with playcanvas? But i cant find it :frowning:


Yes, it has been made with PlayCanvas.
I’ve added game link to topic.


Really good but its really laggy but very nice! How do u manage that in playcanvas? also @commention How much storage did it take up?


bro its cool tht you made a battle royale game with playcanvas it makes me think anything is possible with playcanvas which now is but a battle royale game thts cool dude.Hope to see more improvments btw did you use php to import this game to the web


Maybe @Marquise_Edwards but it probablly was used to make login and register system


Generally, pretty good even on my aging Macbook Ari.

Some notes:

  • Sometimes I started in the Danger Zone
  • Having my heading on the mini map would really help
  • Stairs are tricky without jumping
  • Scoping in with the sniper rifle shows me the whole quad, not just the scope
  • Weapons without ammo is a little mean. Also they should show 0 | 0 when empty rather than being blank on the UI
  • Collision mesh still a little off in places. I was hitting something even though I had a clear line of fire


Yes also plz work on the sensitivity for people to choose what they like because I tried low,normal,and high and they just feel off also plz fix when you kill someone it glitches and can you add like stats that say wins to show your wins other great game so far


Yes but it literally says playcanvas for game which means all the other services where probably used for matchmaking and multiplayer and php and that for databases nd user storage


Yes u are right but it can be used for many many different things but he could have used it to store in github


Thank you for these feedbacks. I’ll definitely fix all of these issues at this weekend.


Thank you for feedback. I think there is a bug on sensitivity. I’ll work on that.
Also, I’ll implement an account system to keep wins, loses and inventory for skins. I hope I’ll manage to release all new features until Monday.


I use PHP for storing user’s details, like stats. I’ll also use it for account system as well.


Game itself should be 4-7MB, I think after GZIP, it should be 4MB.
But as Playcanvas project, it takes 43MB on my private playcanvas account.

Also at the beginning I used a sample FPS project that has been made with Playcanvas. All of these things took 2 months. And I think it will take more. Designing a proper game is very difficult.

Even after this 2 months there are still too much work. It still has lots of bugs and issues.
Playcanvas is very helpful on designing map, screens and this kind of things. Otherwise all features are actually javacscript codes.

I have also a FPS project that has been coded in ThreeJS. I’m kind of familiar with FPS mechanics and that makes easier to manage this kind of projects.

Here is a video from my ThreeJS FPS project :

If you have any questions, please let me know. I’ll try to answer.


its pretty but i still wanna know did you make the game on playcanvas


Yes 43MB? ive made smaller projects that take up 200MB how did that happen?? also yes when u reload it takes soooooo long to do it but otherwise very NICE game i wish i could make something that good but im not there yet i dont even know how to do alot of that stuff :+1: GREAT JOB Also make some tutorials for people who need help


Miniroyale is made with playcanvas. His other new game is made with another framework.


oh lol ok I guess I could’ve thought that


Really god job Cem.i’m following you on twitter too.I’m making some applications on playcanvas too and maybe in the future our ways intersects somewhere.keep making games like this…