Minecraft block placement

I have created a game called Minecraft: dollar store edition (PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine),
And I need a block placing system. The one I have right now is full of glitches, and the blocks don’t line up. Thanks in advance!

Hi @RumaiIndustries,

You need to spawn each block on a grid, calculate the final position on the cell.

Something like this:

const gridSize = new pc.Vec3(1,1,1);

const finalPosX = Math.floor(pos.x / gridSize.x) * gridSize.x;
const finalPosY = Math.floor(pos.x / gridSize.y) * gridSize.y;
const finalPosZ = Math.floor(pos.x / gridSize.z) * gridSize.z;

const finalPos = new pc.Vec3(finalPosX, finalPosY, finalPosZ);

Thanks @Leonidas!
We have decided to leave it, because it adds to the theme.

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sorry but minecraft game is almost perfect for me