Metallic materials - Different rendering between engine versions

Hi All,
We’re experiencing a issue with metallic materials when using PC releases > 1.54.1
The metal is rendered in white/gray tones, see attached pic

We had a look to the builds changelog but wasn’t able to pinpoint the reason

We created an open test project

Can you please help?
@yaustar @mvaligursky

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We had a material refactor to allow us to support all the glTF material extensions that could have affected it in 1.55.0 Engine Release: v1.55.0

Might be this specific change to refaction:

Looking at this more, it looks like the cube map is not rendering for some reason

I don’t know if it helps but… this is a forked project,
if we make a new one, importing all the pre existing 3D assets, the issue seems to disappear

Thing is we currently have lots of project with the old PC release, which would be a huge rework to port

There’s something off with the project where the skybox is not rendering at all and I can’t get to the bottom of it yet

How old was the original project?

@Change2 I’ve found the issue but not sure if it’s deliberate from you.

The layers in project settings were disabled including skybox

Once skybox was enabled, we could see it in the viewport and in the materials.

Since 1.54, if the skybox layer was disabled, it was still applied to the materials globally and this was changed in 1.55 to be more correct.

If you need the skybox to be in the material but not render the skybox in the view you will have to apply the skybox in the environment section of the material

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Edit: I’ve just been told it’s actually a bug, not a deliberate feature. @slimbuck will investigate a fix for this

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Thanks a lot!

We have a fix in Fix cubeMapRotation uniform by slimbuck · Pull Request #4748 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

It is likely that we will have a patch release for the engine next week with this fix

For the short term, please enable the skybox layer for rendering and when publishing, disable it first and swap out the engine file to an older version.

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is there any news about the patch?

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We have moved it to the 1.58 release which is planned to be in preview next week

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