Metal Flakes on car paint

Hey guys,

I am trying to make flakes on a paint material,
like this one in the Car paint:

I am not sure how to approach this, or basically which chunk should I override.
Any guidance on this would be appreciated.


Hi @Saad_Haider,

Not sure how deep you want to go with this, but if you are looking for a way to mix a second detail map with your primary diffuse channel, you can turn use the new detail map channel.

This is not exposed in the editor yet, you can set it in a script.

Thanks @Leonidas

I remember this guys PR, for anyone else, he also made a public project showcasing how to use the maps: here it is:


Hi @Saad_Haider, just in case you are still searching around for this:

This is an older project, doesn’t use the new detail map channel but it renders nice flakes:

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Thanks @Leonidas , that definitely will help me!

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You may be able to achieve a similar affect to the custom shader chunks in if you use clear coat in the Standard material - it can give you metallic flake specular under a smooth clear coat specular - like in this engine example: - ideally you would want to use a detailed normal map with object-local space tri-planar mapping to get consistent flake density.