Mesh position changed in preview/Launcher

Hi, plz help me out.
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I have a created a 3d configurator. as I have import it from 3d max and have checked many time. my pivot position is also set. when i import in the playcanvas editior it is also set.

I am using DOM that when i click to change its meshs.

here is the video plz guide:

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Hi @rehman97,

This isn’t easy to debug from the information you provide. Try sharing a sample project that includes just the model/models in question.

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@Leonidas thank you for your reply here is link of project plz go through it
Vanity | Editor (

as you know right now the issue is position. my sink position is set in editor but sink 2 and sink 3 when switching in lunch mode their position change

How do you position sink2 and 3 on launch?

@Leonidas I didnt set position in playcanvas. I had create sinks from 3d maxs and set the mesh position and pivot point set from their.

As have done same as with shelf

Edit: thats my question why playcanvas change the position of others mesh. I am stuck it from 2 days.

I imported your three shelf models in Blender and checked their pivot point:

Then I reviewed the pivot point in PlayCanvas and on launch and it seems to be the same. The entity hierarchy is retained, the pivot point is on Shelf1 and the model is on box entity.

You shouldn’t be using the render assets directly as you do in your code, but you need to maintain the full hierarchy similar to what you do for Shelf1. Otherwise the pivot point is lost.

@Leonidas thanks for guiding ok I need to know the issue in sink models is same?

I imagine it would be the same.

@Leonidas ok i am trying to set full hierarchy from 3d max. and as you said "shouldn’t be using the render assets directly " then what should i do with code?

You can use templates instead: Templates | Learn PlayCanvas