Mesh collisions problems

So I imported a plain or rather a flat box from blender but when my moving entity gets to that region it start shaking and moving in an abnormal manner.
I did put a mesh collision with the asset type and a rigid body set to static. I don’t know what to do next pls if anyone can help I would be grateful.

Can you provide us with the project so we can take a closer look?

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please note that this is just a rough prototype and the plane for the test is at the end of the rainbow

It seems like its breaking because of the collision box you’re getting from the plane. I forked the project and set the collision volume to Box with 60 0.6 60 scale and it seems to work fine now

Works just fine, thanks a lot .
But what if I have a more complex stage with holes, slopes and more complex models which I imported from Blender?.. Thanks again tho

You can use Mesh collisions, but I suspect something went wrong when you used a plane for collisions. Not exactly sure. In the future I’d use full boxes if possible, and split your model up into multiple objects with their own collision boxes