Mesh collision issues

Dear community

It’s my second day using PlayCanvas and I really love it :smile:

Today I stumbled upon an issue with the mesh collisions and I’m having trouble solving it.

I created a model in Blender 3D, exported it as OBJ to PlayCanvas. It looks okay, but some triangle faces don’t respect the collision rules, resulting in the player falling through the mesh at certain (seemingly random) locations.

I (double-)checked the following;

  • No double vertices
  • Faces pointing outwards
  • All faces are triangular

The game:
Recreate the problem: just run towards the tunnel and the character will fall through the ground (controls: WASD, ZQSD, arrows-keys, spacebar)

Link to editor (not sure if this link is private or not):

Could you help me out a regarding this mesh-collision problem?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards.

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