Merge wont go though

He. We are trying to merge a pretty big branch into our develop branch. It gets stuck at this stage

We tried multiple times. This attempt has been at this stage for edit 60 min. Note: develop is already merged into the branch we are now trying to merge into develop.

Any ideas? :sweat_smile:

this seems to be a problem :expressionless:

Update. Refreshing the browser results in an empty diff view with an internal server error. Since we had no merge conflicts we could click on complete merge. This resulted in another 500 internal server error but it seems to have completed the merge. I cant view the diff though. Seems the diff tool can only show so many diffs :sweat_smile:

@yoschie Are you blocked on this or have you managed to merge? We see if we can see any errors on the backend to track.

The merge went through though some materials went missing in action. Its fine now I think. (Hopefully) Just really stressful :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I can imagine! We will see if we can find anything in the backend logs

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@yaustar Do you have an update on this issue? We still have these problems, and we are losing quite some time and progress, whenever we try to work around them.

@will, can you address this please?

@AliMoe Sorry to hear you are still having issues with this.

I spoke to the team before about this and from what we know, large merges can take so long that the merge window can time out.

Refreshing the browser won’t break anything as the merge is still happening on the backend and eventually, it should finish.

I would like to understand more about your project, the size of your merges and workflow.

Maybe we can arrange a quick video call to work out if there is a change in your workflow to avoid these issues (which unfortunately sounds like it has to involve smaller merges of branches).

Can you also DM me your project ID and with your permission privately copy your master branch to understand the scale of your project and merges.

Hey @yaustar,
this was our assumption considering the first merge @yoschie wrote about went through. currently even very minor merges seem to fail. We wrote an in depth e-mail yesterday displaying our current issues.

We assume, that most, if not all, of the issues stem from the decently large project size. We also assume, that a large proportion of the project size coming from closed but not deleted branches and possibly the merge/checkpoint history.

A video call sounds like the most straight forward way to solve the issue. The project is unfortunately under NDA and neither of us is legally allowed to give you formal access, but I would ideally discuss that in person. I will send you a DM about timings/tools.

In any case, thanks for the fast response.