Megascans Demo Project

Hey guys,
As some of you might have noticed. Megascans has finally launched last week and as you
guys like to do some small showcase projects and tech demos from time to time,
I wanted to ask, if there are any plans of doing something with it?

Looked briefly into it today and created a small test scene with one of their free assets:

I just spend a couple of minutes on it, but it would be cool to see what you can pull off with their assets in Playcanvas.
Tough, I am not planning to spend 80 bugs, or more, just to fill up the rest of my free storage here :stuck_out_tongue:

So anybody else planning of giving it a shot?

Btw: For anybody who’s not familiar with megascans, it’s an online service/library that offers photoscanned meshes & textures.


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Nice one. Looks like their servers are under the pressure or so, download button just idles.