Maya Skinning Normals Problem

Hi, when I export my 3D model from Maya with a simpleskinning and animation with 2 joints, the animation works fine in Play Canvas ( PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine ) but as you can see, the normals are flat all the normals from the skinned object are flat. But when I export the sam scne without the skinning I get the good result:

I tried unlocking the normals, softening the normals, etc, but in tjos cases the normals are aberrant not even flat, and doesn’t change with the animation.

How can I correct it ?



I’m not sure I can see what the problem is? Can you describe what it is you are expecting to see?


HI, in the picture attached everything is ok (the object has no skinning), but if you see this the same object but with skinning losses the normal information, the big upper zone with bumps has a planar lightning.


Hi, I captured an image from the project link to make the issue more clear, here we can see how the normals are not working correctly, the first image, shows how the shading works well, but that project does not have any skinning as Hamuq mentioned. The image I am attaching here shows the same model but with skin deformation with bones added in Maya, and imported with the same parameters. Shading looks odd.


Does anyone knows if skinning changes anything by itself?
Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!!

Link to the project does not exist anymore, is the problem solved?

Thank you, we modeled a new object and we fixed the problem, but couldn’t find why it happened…

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