Maya fbx export scale issue

We are having an issue where whenever we export anything from Maya to Playcanvas, the asset gets created as a template, with the parent having a scale of 1 and any child meshes get scaled to 0.01.
This looks fine in the editor and they are the correct world size.
The issue is that we also export assets from Blender where we don’t have this issue. Blender export brings in the template parent at a scale of 1 and the children also at a scale of 1. This is causing some inconsistency issues across the project.
What is the correct workflow for exporting from Maya and having the asset come in with a scale of 1 across all assets and still have it be the correct world size?
We’ve tried everything we can think of…
Surely we can’t be the only ones havping this problem?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


That’s expected via our pipeline. The conversion is from the real world units set in the modelling package I believe (@slimbuck should be able to confirm). In Blender/Maya one unit may be set to 1m or 1cm hence the scale difference.

Hey, Thanks for the reply.
The world units are set to be metres in both Maya and Blender. In Blender I have to set the units to FBX units on export, this ensures I get the 1:1 scale that we need. There’s no such option in Maya.
Is there no possible way of exporting from Maya and achieveing the 1:1 scale?


I don’t have access to Maya but perhaps this is related? Maya To Unity: How To Match Scale - YouTube

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately that solution for Unity doesn’t work for Playcanvas. It brings the render mesh in at a scale of 1 but then it scales the template to 0.01

Just to check, do the objects visually look the wrong size when importing into PlayCanvas?

If not, the pattern I normally use is to treat the template as a single ‘model’ and have it under a parent entity that is always scale 1,1,1