Max Size of a .obj file

I am trying to upload a .obj file in my scene. Playcanvas tries to upload it but after some while tells me that the file size limit is exceeded. What is the max size of a file that I can upload?

How big is the obj? O.o

I remember files of 20MB being uploaded which is already too big for an end user in terms of user experience (waiting for it to be downloaded and parsed is not a fun a experience).

around 37 MB in size

I don’t know if there is a hard file limit on PlayCanvas for uploads but in terms of usability for a web experience, that is far too big. I would rethink using that model and try to use one (or a combination) that more optimised for web.

I have the objects separated. It is just that the different components of the object are bigger in size. I would love to break them into smaller parts even more. Do know of a software that would help me do that.