Matrexball-Still a work in progress

So, since June 25 2019 I and a friend Dev01 have been working on this kinda simple/kinda big game it has reached over 600 players and soon were looking to add ingame stats,leaderboards and a item shop!!!
We have came along way since then but now I want to show you guys what we have so far Enjoy!!!

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Tomorrow Matrexball will have a huge halloween update along with some cool new features
So Stay tuned for this ammazing event

Nice. Btw the game’s looking great. I might add a (sort of) Halloween update to my game too.

Nice cant wait to see it

Well, it’s gonna be something I’ve been thinking of with a Halloween mix into it. But as I said, I might not have enough time to do it lol.

Lol you always have time you just gotta find the place to do it

Yeah, I might add it, but rn I don’t really feel like working on the game. I uploaded a Play in Browser version of PolyBrawl on Check it out:

No dont ever say that word again β€œI don’t feel like working on the game” Get out the lazy zone and do it I promise it would pay off in the long run and if your really lazt I can do it all for you

Lol btw polybrawl has soo many glitches and cheats lol

Well, a lot of it should have been patched. Could you send me a few examples of glitches. It would help a lot.