Matrexball Season 2!

Only 7 more days till a new beginning…A small update has just dropped!!!

Go see what is waiting for you if your ready for what’s to come…

No PatchNotes

Go see what waits for you : Matrexball Alpha 2.0 - PLAYCANVAS



Need a developer, I am VERY interested…

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Why are you so interested?

Because I like the concept

Also can we get a hint on what this new season will be about?

Outerspace :space_invader:

But isn’t that where Matrexball already took place? Or do you mean more new levels?

just wait and see…


Y’alls game doesn’t work. So much for a big season 2 launch. And to think I was excited by this. SMH.

I know. Try out PolyBrawl, made by me and @Werdie_Alt (AKA @BloodStorm0606) here:

A big bug fix will drop tomorrow due to “issues” with the new season