Materials with wrong colors

Hello guys! I developed an FPS game a while ago and decided to remake it with some improvements. For that I created a new project and imported exactly the same meshes in FBX format for the new project, but to my surprise the colors of the materials were different. I’ve compared the hex value of the materials from the two projects and they really don’t match. Then I changed the hexadecimal value of the diffuse property of the materials in the new project so that they look the same as the old project, but the mesh is still dark as if it had a shadow over it. See in the images below.

Old Project:

New Project:

Can anyone explain to me the reason for this change?

Are you able to provide the FBX for us to investigate? I wonder if its the same issue as mentioned here Broken materials when importing FBX - #11 by yaustar

Project link with FBX available:

Looks like the same problem Broken materials when importing FBX - #11 by yaustar

“hey, im having the same problem but the colors are like almost all black . when i use path copy and also click embed textures. its still just really dark. we are putting the models to PlayCanvas and its really just almost black.
i just use simple materials and add color to it.
is there some way to fix this or the solution is just to change the material colors in PlayCanvas to light again?”

I found this comment on a blender forum, but still no reply.

Looks like the same issue as the other thread and will speak to the rest of the team about this as this needs to be addressed.

You will either have to fix this by using the devtools in Chrome and Editor API or create new materials.

I’ve added steps on the code to run the devtools to fix up the materials in the issue here: FBX Import can create invalid materials · Issue #957 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub


The fix for this is now released!


Great! Thanks a lot for the support.