Materials not showing correctly

My materials with a cropped-out background do not show up as a clear background, the background is black and not invisible. what error did I make when doing this?

Hi @Jacob_Mcbride,

Can you share more details of your exact setup? Even better share a sample scene.


This white area (as shown below) does not show up on the box

This is the asset. the tree does not show up without a background.
Or at all for that matter.
Screenshot 2022-02-09 10.39.44 AM

Is the texture a PNG? Does it have a transparency/alpha channel?

Is this an element or model/render component?

If it’s an element component you need to provide a PNG with an alpha channel for the transparent part of the image (=white background) not to render.

If it’s a model/render component, you need to set the image in the Opacity channel, enable blending e.g. set it to Alpha and select the right channel in the settings (if it’s a PNG set it to A which means alpha). Example setup for material:


I am not sure.
i will give you the editor link through the game chat.